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SAMJ: South African Medical Journal

On-line version ISSN 2078-5135
Print version ISSN 0256-9574

SAMJ, S. Afr. med. j. vol.102 n.6 Pretoria Jun. 2012




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Accepted 11 November 2011.



Corresponding author: M Tiemensma (

^rND^sDe la Grandmaison^nG^rND^sDurigon^nM^rND^sEscoffery^nCT^rND^sShirley^nSE^rND^sChristiansen^nLR^rND^sCollins^nKA^rND^sYudkin^nPL^rND^sBurger^nEH^rND^sBradshaw^nD^rND^sBlack^nM^rND^sGraham^nDI^rND^sSampson^nH^rND^sJohnson^nA^rND^sCarter^nN^rND^sBowker^nTJ^rND^sWood^nDA^rND^sDavies^nMJ^rND^sLee^nA^rND^sAckerman^nMJ




An error occurred in the South African Hypertension Guideline 2011 that was published as a supplement to January 2012 SAMJ. The error is in the title of the heading for Table IV, on page 64; the title should read International Diabetes Federation (IDF) definition of metabolic syndrome - and not diabetes. The authors regret this error. The online edition of the Guideline has been corrected.




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