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Scope and policy

The Journal of Humanities/Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe publishes original research and review articles in the following subject fields: theology, languages, art and culture, social, economic and educational sciences, as well as book reviews, chronicles and poems. It is a quarterly journal with articles in Afrikaans and Dutch only and summaries in English, French and German.

The intended audience of this journal is researchers and scholars in the fields of theology, languages, art and culture, social, economic and educational sciences.

A stringent process of peer reviewing is followed. Contributions are submitted for peer reviewing to two or three independent experts in the relevant field. In case of difference of opinion on the acceptance of an article a third peer reviewer or an arbiter may be called on.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Manuscript format and layout / guidelines to authors:

Articles or contributions that have been published elsewhere will not be considered.

Two complimentary copies of the edition that contains an author's contribution, will be mailed to each author free of charge.  More copies may be ordered from the publications office at the set price.

Manuscrpts, in Afrikaans or Dutch only, should be typed in double spacing Arial 12 with a 25 mm left margin. Manuscripts must be edited and according to the technical specifications of the journal.

  • Authors must submit written proof that the manuscript has been edited by a knowledgeable language practitioner.
  • Contributions are limited to 6 000 to 8 000 words.
  • Please submit an abridged curriculum vitae in Afrikaans and English (100-200 words) and a photograph (JPEG) of each author.
  • Manuscripts must contain a summary of 100-250 words in Afrikaans, Dutch, German or French, plus an English abstract of 600-1000 words.  The English abstract should start with a translation of the title.
  • A list of approximately 10 - 20 key terms in Afrikaans and English must be given after the summary.
  • Illustrations or drawings must have suitable captions placed below the graphic, and should be in a size appropriate to the format of the journal.

Guidelines for headings:

1.  MAIN HEADINGS are in capital letters and bold.  Leave a space between the heading and the text.
1.1  Headings are in lower case and bold. Leave a space between the heading and the text.
1.1.1  Sub-headings are in italics. Leave a space between the heading and the text.
Headings may be numbered if preferred. Do not put full stops after headings.
Table headings:
Economic development according to demographic groups

Captions of figures:

Figure 3: Systemic interdependence.

  • Quotations are not in italics - even when in another language. Quotations that exceed three lines should be indented and do not get quotation marks. Any insert to a quotation is between square brackets.  See examples in the printed journal.
  • Abbreviations must be avoided if at all possible.
  • Corrections after final copy has been approved will be charged as author's corrections.
  • Bibliographic references are based on the abbreviated Harvard method, with some variation for certain subjects.

:  Olivier, D.V. 1996.  Die nag van die vlieë. Kaapstad: Blackwell.
Article from journal or magazine:  Van Wyk, B. 1993. Vesel voorkom hartsiektes. SA Tydskrif vir Dieetkunde, 19(3):56-59.
Chapter in a book:  Elphick, R. & Malherbe, V.C. 1989.  In Elphick & Giliomee (eds).  The shaping of South African society 1652 – 1840. Cape Town: Maskew Miller Longman.
Internet source:
Gries, H.B. 1996.  Experimental learning. Education online, 21(1).  [14 October 2004].
McFarlane, L.R. 2004.  Afrikaans en die media. SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns,  [14 Oktober 2004].
If the source is Afrikaans, all bibliographic detail is in Afrikaans, or vice versa in English.

References in the text:

Volgens Swan (1996:45) ...

OR: ... (Swan 1996:45) ...
OR: ...(Swan 1996:45).  (at the end of a sentence)

Page fees: There is a charge of R300 per printed page (+BTW) towards the printing costs.  It is the responsibility of the author to arrange for payment of these fees by his/her university/institution.  The journal is an approved publication with regard to government subsidy for universities and research institutes.

Copyright: Copyright remains with the author(s) of the article.

Responsibility for manuscripts, illustrations and disks:
Although the editor and publications office will always take care in the handling of manuscripts, pictures and graphic material, we cannot take responsibility for any lost material - please keep back-ups.  If an author would like to have material returned, please inform the editorial office on submission of the article. 


Manuscripts submission

Submission method:

Contributions need to be submitted via e-mail to 


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