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Scope and policy

The scholarly rigour and the contribution that the manuscript makes to the development of legal scholarship serve as primary criteria for acceptance for publication. Material written in Afrikaans, Dutch, German and English is welcomed. All contributions are published with a summary in English containing the main arguments and conclusions reflected in the contribution.

Contributions submitted for publication are subjected to anonymous review by at least two expert referees.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically to the editor in a format which is accessible in a word processing package working in the WINDOWS environment. The language of a manuscript must be properly checked for correctness and the manuscript must be prepared in accordance with the PER Standard for Style and Citation.


Form and preparation of manuscripts


Contributions are considered for publication with the understanding that they will be submitted anonymously to expert referees with a view to their suitability for publication. The editors reserve the right to make such changes to a contribution that are in their judgment desirable for the purposes of conforming to the PER Standard for Style and Citation, correct language and clarity. A contribution will be referred to a least two referees, but the editors may, in cases of conflicting findings, approach additional referees.

Details of author

The author's initials and surname, title, academic qualifications, present position and the institution to which he/she is attached must be provided to the editors.

Different categories of contributions

A distinction is made between articles, notes, case notes and reviews. The author has to indicate in which of these categories the contribution should be considered. The editors reserve the right to make the final determination of the appropriate category. From time to time papers of eminent guest lecturers will also be published (without them having been submitted to referees) under the rubric orationes. An article is considered to be a substantial original contribution of high scholarly standard. For notes, case notes and reviews, the same rigor is required, though they may be shorter contributions on material of shorter-term topicality.


Articles should on submission be accompanied by an abstract of about 600 words in English. Should the article be written in a language other than English, an English title should also be provided.

Style and Format

Contributions must be prepared to conform to the requirements of the PER Standard for Style and Citation and must be submitted electronically to the Editor in a format which is compatible with a word-processing package which works in the WINDOWS environment. The contribution must also be properly language-edited. The style of writing and referencing for PER are accessible at


Manuscripts submission

Submit articles for consideration electronically at


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