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Koers (Bulletin vir Christelike wetenskap / Bulletin for Christian scholarship) is an influential, frequently cited, accredited, peer reviewed and Open Access journal published since 1933. Koers promotes the development of Christian scholarship/science in all fields of science and publishes original (mainly reflective) research contributions with an integrated worldview as foundation. It provides a platform for authors to engage constructively and critically with Christian scholarly/scientific points of view in all fields of science. The Koers Association, as official body, has been in existence since 1926.

The journal incorporates the Bulletin van die Suid–Afrikaanse Vereniging vir die Bevordering vir Christelike Wetenskap.

Koers is an accredited peer reviewed scholarly journal that strives to promote foundational reflection in science. This includes contemplation of the philosophical presuppositions of scientific disciplines, as well as reflection on the role of worldview in science.

Koers focuses on the fields of Philosophy, Religions and Theology, Worldview Studies and Multidisciplinary work.

The first issue of the journal was published by Calvinist–minded people in August 1933 and the purpose of the journal was to take Christian scholarship forward. The journal has always been an independent publication. It was initially governed by a board of directors and an editorial board. Later the Koers Association became the governing body with the purpose to provide guidance to the journal and ensure that the focus of the journal remained uncompromisingly clear. Since the late 1970s the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education has supported the journal financially in order to make the journal more viable and to maintain the important role it played within the community of Christian scholars, not only in South Africa but in a much wider context. Outside editorial associates and contributors became more and more important and the Journal's academic respectability increased significantly since the late 1970s. Since the mid–1980s a publications office was created at the Potchefstroom University, responsible for the publication of Koers as well as three other journals. The journal remained independent of the academic institution and the staff members were contracted and employed by the Koers Association at first and later by the North–West University. The publications office has over time developed an enviable reputation for efficiency and professionalism. Since 2014, Koers has been published by Scriber Editorial Systems. Koers is an open access journal and articles are published on a rolling basis. Special or themed editions are also published electronically on a rolling basis Koers continues to provide a platform for authors to engage constructively and critically with Christian scholarly/scientific points of view in all fields of science.

Koers publishes one volume a year with articles published online when they are ready for publication. i.e. continuous publication. This means that articles will be published as soon as they are ready, without having to wait for an entire edition to be filled. At the end of a calendar year, these articles will be compiled and printed in a single or multiple hard–copy editions. In this way, Koers aims to speed up the process of manuscript publication from submission to becoming available on the website.

The journal’s key abbreviated title is Koers (Online).


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Ownership of copyright of the manuscript contents remain with the authors. The authors retain the non–exclusive right to do anything they wish with the published article, provided attribution is given to Koers and detail of original publication, as set out in the official citation of the article published in the journal. The retained right specifically includes the right to post the article on the authors' or their institutions' websites or institutional repositories.

All work published is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0)



The journal receives financial support from the Koers Association ( and the North–West University (


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