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Contributions from and about marginalised communities and from different knowledge traditions are encouraged. The articles could draw on any rigorous research methodology, as well as transdisciplinary approaches. Research of a very specialised or technical nature should be framed within relevant discourses. While specialised kinds of research are encouraged, authors are expected to write for a broader audience of educational researchers and practitioners without losing conceptual and theoretical depth and rigour. All sectors of education are covered in the journal. These include primary, secondary and tertiary education, adult education, worker education, educational policy and teacher education.


Editorial Policy

The journal that publishes original articles reflecting critically on issues of equality in education and on the ways in which educational practices contribute to transformation in non–formal, formal and informal contexts. Critique, mainly understood in the tradition of critical pedagogies, is a constructive process which contributes towards a better world.

We aim towards al turn–around time between submission and, if successful, publication, of 8–12 months. Authors are welcome to contact the editorial office by e–mail the if they require further details or wish to enquire about the progress of their submissions. In the first review authors can expect a response from the Editors within a month, indicating that the article has been forwarded for review, or that it is not suitable for publication in this journal.

Articles and other material submitted should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the time of submission to Education As Change.


Manuscript Preparation

Information on instructions for preparing a manuscript is placed on the Education as Change website. Authors are invited to visit the journal here – Author Guidelines.


Manuscript Submission

Online submission guidelines are placed on the Education as Change website. Go to Online Submissions.


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