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South African Journal of Occupational Therapy

On-line version ISSN 2310-3833
Print version ISSN 0038-2337

S. Afr. j. occup. ther. vol.41 n.3 Pretoria  2011


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Helen Robinson




Survey on quality management in occupational therapy in health services

The survey is divided into 4 short sections. Some of the concepts used in this study that you might be familiar with under a different name will be explained first. After each question there are a number of answers to choose from. Please indicate your answer by typing or writing an ‘x’ in the relevant space. Where indicated in the question you may choose more than one answer if it is applicable to you.


Section 1 - Click to enlarge



Section 2 - Click to enlarge



Section 3 - Click to enlarge



Section 4 - Click to enlarge

^rND^sMcColl^nM^rND^sQuinn^nB^rND^sKoning^nH^rND^sVerver^nJ^rND^svan den Heuvel^nJ^rND^sBisgaard^nS^rND^sDoes^nR^rND^sMainz^nJ^rND^sMuller^nL^rND^sFlisher^nA^rND^sGrol^nR^rND^sBerwick^nD^rND^sWensing^nM^rND^sMant^nJ^rND^sBeukes^nS^rND^sNorman^nI^rND^sRedfern^nS^rND^sWalshe^nK^rND^sArah^nO^rND^sWestert^nG^rND^sHurst^nJ^rND^sKlazinga^nN^rND^sDonabedian^nA^rND^sMinkman^nM^rND^sAhaus^nK^rND^sHuijsman^nR^rND^sFoote^nH^rND^sLamont^nS^rND^sBurger^nE^rND^sLeishman^nA^rND^sOvretveit^nJ^rND^sGustafson^nD^rND^sKober^nA^rND^sHebert^nM^rND^sThibeault^nR^rND^sLandry^nA^rND^sBoisvenu^nM^rND^sLaporte^nD^rND^sHaglund^nL^rND^sHallberg^nI^rND^sPettersson^nM^rND^sGnanalingham^nJ^rND^sGnanalingham^nM^rND^sGnanalingham^nK^rND^sCorben^nV^rND^1A01^nJerome P^sFrederiks^rND^1A02^nSurona^sVisagie^rND^1A01^nJerome P^sFrederiks^rND^1A02^nSurona^sVisagie^rND^1A01^nJerome P^sFrederiks^rND^1A02^nSurona^sVisagie



The rehabilitation programme and functional outcomes of persons with lower limb amputations at a primary level rehabilitation centre



Jerome P FrederiksI; Surona VisagieII

IBSc occupational therapy (UWO), MSc Rehabilitation (US). Junior Lecturer, University of Stellenbosch
IIBSc Physiotherapy (US), MSc rehabilitation (US). Extra-ordinary senior lecture, Stellenbosch University




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