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African Natural History

On-line version ISSN 2305-7963
Print version ISSN 1816-8396

Afr. nat. history (Online) vol.4  Cape Town Jan. 2008


Review of the ant genus Nesomyrmex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae) in southern Africa



Nokuthula MbanyanaI; Hamish G. RobertsonII

INatural History Collections Department, Iziko South African Museum, P.O. Box 61, Cape Town, 8000 South Africa. E-mail:
IINatural History Collections Department, Iziko South African Museum, P.O. Box 61, Cape Town, 8000 South Africa. E-mail:




Members of the genus Nesomyrmex in southern Africa are small, non-dominant, myrmicine ants that nest either in trees (angulatus-group) or in soil (simoni-group). Of the twenty species recorded from this region, the following 15 are newly described: ontoinetteoe, cederbergensis, entobeni, ezontsi, inye, karooensis, koebergensis, lorsenae, mcgregori, nanniae, njengelanga, ruani, soosveldensis, tshiguvhoae and vonnoorti. All Nesomyrmex species recorded from southern Africa are described and illustrated, with accompanying information on biology and distribution.

Keywords: Nesomyrmex, Leptothorox, ants, southern Africa, Nama-Karoo, Succulent Karoo, Fynbos.


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We would like to thank all the collectors who provided the specimens that form the basis of this paper, including Antoinette Botes, the members of the Iimbovane project (B. Braschler in particular) and Thidinalei Tshiguvho.



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Received 16 July 2008
Accepted 14 October 2008

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