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In die Skriflig

On-line version ISSN 2305-0853
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In Skriflig (Online) vol.42 n.4 Pretoria Jan. 2008




An assessment of the management skills required of ministers in the Reformed Churches of South Africa


Evaluering van die nodige bestuursvaardighede van predikante in die Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika



A.B. GroblerI; J.L. van der WaltII

IPotchefstroom Business School, Potchefstroom Campus. North-West University. Potchefstroom. E-mail:
IIPotchefstroom Business School, Potchefstroom Campus. North-West University. Potchefstroom. E-mail:




A congregation is not a business, and to manage it as such would be inappropriate. Although the church is primarily invisible and spiritual by nature, in this world it is functioning as an institution which must be managed efficiently and effectively to ensure that everything is done successfully and in good order. A major part of the responsibility to ensure order and effectiveness rests on the shoulders of the minister. The training of aspiring ministers in the Reformed Churches of South Africa does not involve specific training in managing and leading an organisation. This fact might leave them vulnerable, especially in the earlier stages of their careers.
Although some people are blessed with natural skills and talents regarding management and leadership, it has been proven that management skills required to manage an organisation successfully can be acquired by means of study and training.
An empirical study was performed to determine whether training in management could assist ministers in the execution of their calling. A questionnaire was sent to all the ministers of the Reformed Churches of South Africa regarding the scope of circumstances in a congregation which can be compared with other organisations, as well as the minister's role in managing the situations.
The research concludes with a recommendation that consideration should be given to include a course on management in the training syllabus of aspiring ministers. Furthermore, it is suggested that this course be developed specifically taking into account the background and circumstances of the Reformed Churches of South Africa, and should not be generic like the course which is included for Baccalaureus Commercii or Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students.


'n Gemeente is nie 'n sake-onderneming nie, en om dit as sodanig te probeer bestuur, sou verkeerd wees. Die kerk is primêr onsigbaar en geestelik van aard; tog funksioneer dit as 'n instituut in hierdie wêreld en moet dit doeltreffend bestuur word ten einde alles ordelik en suksesvol te laat verloop. 'n Groot verantwoordelikheid rus op die predikant van die gemeente om te sorg dat hierdie orde en doeltreffendheid verwesenlik word. Die opleiding van predikante in die Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika sluit nie spesifiek opleiding rakende die bestuur van 'n organisasie in nie. Hierdie feit kan hulle dalk in 'n kwesbare posisie plaas, veral in die vroeë stadium van hulle beroep.
Alhoewel sommige mense met natuurlike vaardighede en talente rakende bestuur en leierskap geseën is, is reeds bewys dat die vaardighede wat vereis word om 'n organisasie suksesvol te bestuur, deur middel van studie en opleiding aangeleer kan word.
'n Empiriese studie is gedoen ten einde vas te stel of opleiding in bestuursvaardighede predikante sal help in die uitvoering van hulle roeping. Vraelyste is aan al die predikante van die Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika gestuur om inligting te bekom oor die omvang van die omstandighede in 'n gemeente wat vergelykbaar is met ander organisasies, asook die predikant se rol in die hantering van die situasies.
Die onderhawige navorsing sluit af met 'n aanbeveling dat oorweging daaraan geskenk behoort te word om 'n kursus in ondernemingsbestuur by die opleiding van predikante in te sluit. Die kursus moet ontwerp word om spesifiek die omstandighede en behoeftes van die Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika in ag te neem. Dit hoef nie noodwendig ooreen te stem met die kursus in ondernemingsbestuur wat by die opleidingskurrikulum van studente vir Baccalaureus Commercii of MBA ingesluit is nie.



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