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In die Skriflig

On-line version ISSN 2305-0853
Print version ISSN 1018-6441

In Skriflig (Online) vol.42 n.1 Pretoria Jan. 2008




Johannine style: Some initial remarks on the functional use of repetition in the Gospel according to John


Johannese styl: Enkele inleidende opmerkings oor die funksionele gebruik van herhaling in die Evangelie volgens Johannes



J. van der Watt

Faculty of Theology. University of Pretoria. Pretoria. E mail:




Some of the ways in which John uses the stylistic feature of repetition in his Gospel are investigated. His repetitive use of the concept "eternal life" is first focused on, pointing out the stylistic changes that occur as the gospel narrative progresses. Then the way in which the word "eternal" is repetitively linked to the word "life" is explored, showing a consistent pattern throughout the Gospel. The selective use and development of the frequently used concept of "love" is then scrutinised in the first twelve chapters of the Gospel, followed by an investigation of the functional use of the concept "to follow" in this Gospel. Reasons for these repetitions are then explored.


Sommige van die maniere waarop Johannes herhaling as styl-figuur in sy Evangelie gebruik, word ondersoek. Ten eerste word gefokus op die herhaalde gebruik van "ewige lewe" in die Evangelie. Veranderinge ten opsigte van die gebruik van die konsep deur die loop van die ontwikkeling van die narratief word aangedui. Daarna word die konsekwente wyse waarop die term "ewig" herhaaldelik aan die term "lewe" verbind word, in fokus geplaas. Die selektiewe gebruik en die ontwikkeling van die woord "liefde", wat dikwels gebruik word, word in die eerste twaalf hoofstukke ondersoek. Dit word gevolg deur 'n ondersoek van die funksionele gebruik van die konsep van navolging in die Evangelie. Redes vir die herhaling word vervolgens behandel.



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