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Koers (Online) vol.77 n.2 Pretoria  2012




Proverbs 31:10-31: A passage containing wisdom principles for a successful marriage


Spreuke 31:10-31: 'n Gedeelte met wysheidsbeginsels vir 'n suksesvolle huwelik



Robin Gallaher BranchI, II

IFaculty of Theology, North-West University, South Africa
IIDepartment of Bible and Theology, Victory University, United States of America





Most commentators see Proverbs 31:10-31 as an acrostic poem about an ideal wife. True, the passage presents an exemplary woman, a paragon of industry and excellence. However, this article looks at this passage in a new way: it assert that the poem depicts an excellent, successful, working marriage. The passage contains principles contained in Wisdom Literature that apply to success in any relationship - especially the most intimate one of all. A careful reading of Proverbs' concluding poem provides a glimpse, via the specific details it shares, of a healthy, happy, ongoing, stable marriage as observed over a span of time.


Die meeste Skrifverklaarders beskou Spreuke 31:10-31 as 'n lettervers oor die ideale vrou. Hierdie gedeelte beeld inderdaad 'n voorbeeldige vrou uit wat 'n toonbeeld van werkywer en uitnemendheid is. Hierdie artikel kyk egter met nuwe oë na die gedeelte en voer aan dat dit 'n voortreflike, suksesvolle en effektiewe huwelik uitbeeld. Die gedeelte bevat beginsels wat in die Wysheidsliteratuur vervat is en wat op enige suksesvolle verhouding toegepas kan word, veral op die mees intieme verhouding. 'n Noukeurige bestudering van die spesifieke besonderhede van hierdie gedeelte in Spreuke bie 'n blik op 'n gesonde, gelukkige, volgehoue en stabiele huwelik soos dit oor 'n tydperk waargeneem is.



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Competing interests

The author declares that she has no financial or personal relationship(s) which may have inappropriately influenced her in writing this article.



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Robin Gallaher Branch
Department of Bible and Theology
Victory University
255 North Highland
Memphis, TN 38111
United States of America

Received: 08 June 2011
Accepted: 20 June 2012
Published: 14 Dec. 2012

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