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On-line version ISSN 2304-8557
Print version ISSN 0023-270X

Koers (Online) vol.75 n.1 Pretoria  2010




Towards authentic development


Op pad na egte ontwikkeling



S. Fowler

Department of Management & Commerce, University of Fort Hare, ALICE. E-mail:




This article explores the basis of the current definition of social development and deficiencies in this definition. In this context the power of today's global commercial empire is explored with well-documented evidence of the damage being done to human well-being in the interest of profit.
An alternative definition of development is proposed concluding with a profile of a developed society. It is suggested that, on the basis of the current definition, there is little hope of African countries ever becoming "developed". On the other hand, while there are still challenges to be faced, the proposed alternative profile offers a realistic possibility of being achieved.

Key concepts: authentic development, commercial empire, development, psychological well-being, social harmony


Hierdie artikel verken die onderbou van, sowel as die leemtes in 'n (tans) algemeen-aanvaarde definisie van sosiale ontwikkeling. Die mag van die hedendaagse kommersiële heerskappy word binne hierdie konteks opgevolg met goed-gedokumenteerde bewyse van die skade wat menslike welsyn berokken word in die belang van winsgewendheid.
'n Alternatiewe definisie van ontwikkeling word voorgestel met die profiel van 'n ontwikkelde gemeenskap as die slotsom. Die stelling word gemaak dat die huidige definisie van sosiale ontwikkeling min hoop bied vir Afrikalande om ooit "ontwikkeld" te wees. Terwyl daar nog uitdagings is om te oorkom, bied die voorgestelde alternatief 'n realistiese moontlikheid waarna gestreef kan word.

Kernbegrippe: egte ontwikkeling, kommersiële ryk, ontwikkeling, psigologiese welstand, sosiale harmonie



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