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Yesterday and Today

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Y&T  n.5 Vanderbijlpark Jan. 2010


SASHT. Annual general meeting. 23 september 2010



The 2009-2010 executive were:

• Prof Elize S van Eeden (Chairperson)

• Mr Byron Bunt (Secretariat)

• Mr Jimmy Verner (Treasurer)

• Mr Pravin Ram (Regional representative)

• Mr Simon Haw (e-Newsletter)

• Mr Walter Ntsimane (Regional representative)-passed away weeks before the Sept Conference

• Mrs Fredah Makwena (Regional representative)

• Mrs Gill Sutton (Conferences/general)

• Prof Johan Wasserman (e-News Letter)

• Mrs Fiona Frank (Publishers connections and funds)

• Mr Patrick McMahon (Website)

• Mr Paul Haupt (Website)



1) Outstanding matters from previous discussions since the 2009 September conference

1.1 Personal information of Executive Committee

Patrick and Paul urgently need the cooperation of all regarding their personal info for the website.

Regional representatives: We currently have the two following people members who volunteered to act as regional representatives: Dr Boitumelo Moreeng (Free State) and Mathew Marwick (KZN).

1.2 Caps doc

As you know the SASHT, due to time constraints, did not propose any changes in the CAPS doc. in 2010. At this stage the revised CAPS doc has been distributed and some of you are eagerly contributing in the process to write history textbooks. For the sake of the SASHT Newsletter please let Simon know who are involved AND your opinion thus far regarding the CAPS Doc?.

1.3 Unisa Conference 2011 & Guest speaker; as well as invitations to present papers (and deadlines for abstracts)

The key organiser is Henriette Lubbe of the Unisa History Department. More detail on the conference information will be added on the website by end of February 2011. PLEASE distribute this and the membership info as best as you can and also present papers or identify people that Henriette and the SASHT perhaps can formally invite to present papers.

2) Yesterday&Today matters

2.1 Accreditation process - still outstanding.

2.2 October 2010 publication - Contributors of papers must please respond before/by end of September 2010 to allow ample time for the peer review process.

2.3 Book reviews & Book Review Editor

Michelle Koekemoer and Fiona Frank agreed to take responsibility for this section from the October 2010 edition. Due to the HET links that the Journal must reflect, It has been decided that Michelle should take the seat as Book Review Editor (general history) and to develop guidelines for reviewing books for the Y&T. Fiona Frank will support Michelle as Co-book review editor (school text books).

2.4 Technical assistant editors

Prof Sonja Schoeman and Dr Warnich will assist in this position.

2.5 Editorial Panel -revision accepted

In additional to the current panel, the following esteemed colleagues accepted to be part of the Editorial Board of Yesterday&Today:

• Prof Susanne Popp (University of Augsburg)

• Prof Johan Wassermann (UKZN)

• Mrs Portia January (DoE, Gauteng)

2.6 Article contributions (practical or/and theoretical)

PLEASE, Your inputs. We can not survive on air. I know you are busy but if you want to ensure that the SASHT, through the Y&T has a national voice and that you voice are heard and your experience acknowledged, please make time to present articles AND to suggest to other history educators to write articles for the Y&T. Contributions from our international colleagues are equally welcome. We certainly can learn from each other.

3) SASHT Website (

Patrick and Paul will seriously work on website additions before end of February 2011. Then a serious "facelift" discussion will follow from March 2011 in order to be ready with a proposal to the SASHT Executive by Sept 2011 during the conference at Unisa. A down loading of some 2010 conference info was done before the Sepotember conference and will be done so just after the conference. A sincere thanks to Patrick and Paul!. The rest of the information will also be downloaded follow before March 2011.

4) SASHT Newsletter

Simon Haw will probably start the SASHT Newsletter 3 soon. Simon can keep us posted on the date and ask Byron to send a request out to members for contributions. The final Newsletter 3 will also be downloaded on the SASHT website during April-May 2011.

5) SASHT marketing and academic connections

5.1 Membership subscription form

ALL Executive members agreed to obtain lists of history teachers/educators in their region as well as of the Ministry of Education people in your region that leads the educators as subject advisors etc.

5.2 Unisa SASHT conference, 23-24 September 2011

Elize, Byron and Henriette Lubbe of Unisa is expected to communicate soon on more conference details. Please support the SASHT and Henriette by communicating ideas, suggestions and possible papers.

5.3 Newsletter info (interesting classroom contributions, news from your region etc)

See also Point 4. Please contribute!

5.4 Valuable books as readers or to be reviewed...pass info on to us

See also Point 2.2. Please contribute. Fiona and Michelle should exercise the freedom to ask Secretariat Byron Bunt to invite members to contribute with ideas of books to be reviewed and to offer their services as reviewers.

5.5 A list of researchers/HET educators focusing on History teaching required

Elize recently has distributed a list of HET educators among scholars of History teaching in the hope that they will add to the list. This is a very important exercise to strengthen the SASHT. The specialists the SASHT thus far have are (in no specific order!):

• Prof Arend Carl

• Prof Bernard Mbenga

• Mr Chitja Twala

• Ms Gail Weldon

• Prof Johan Wassermann

• Mr Johan Strauss

• Dr Louisa Meyer

• Ms Henriette Lubbe

• Ms Louisa de Sousa

• Dr Pieter Warnich

• Ms Michelle Koekemoer

• Prof Peter Kallaway

• Ms Rika Odendaal

• Prof Rob Siebörger

• Prof Sonja Schoeman

• Ms Sue Krige

5.6 Post Graduate studies and possibilities in History teaching and in History info required

It is required of the SASHT Executive to provide an opinion on this section. Should we provide a space on the SASHT website for HET possibilities to inform members and other people visiting the website?

5.7 Annual events in your region related to heritage and other history efforts that can be attended

If we all are serious about marketing our subject/discipline and the SASHT for that matter, we will make sure that we provide the SASHT (Through Simon Haw as Newsletter developer and via Byron Bunt as distributor of Info) with regional information. Please consider this possibility with more sensitivity in a REGULAR basis annually.

6) Publisher's/DoE's connections and funding

Jimmy, Fiona and Michelle should work closely together to see what they can do to contribute in this regard as discussed.

7) 2011-2015 possibilities

7.1 Conferences 2012-2015

The following just serve as reminders (as accepted by the SASHT Executive):

2012: University of Stellenbosch

2013: Maritzburg College (KZN)

2014: North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus)

2015: Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy School (not confirmed)

2016: International Society for History Didactics (Venue: Not Confirmed)

7.2 A National SASHT History OLYMPIAD for Grades 6-7, 8-9 and 11??

To revive a visibility of History teaching, History, Historians and History Educators nationally Elize suggests that the SASHT starts an initiative like a History Olympiad. Suggestions for the format can be discussed and also the Grades that should be targeted. Once this possibility is more structured one could approach business or institutions for funding? Patrick and Jimmy have experience in organising history initiatives on national level. Their ideas will help us all. Attention will be paid to this matter in 2011.

8) 25 Years of SASHT in 2011

The developing a special 25years logo for the SASHT will be deliberated in early 2011.

9) STATUS of History teaching on FET & HET levels-regional statistical info & support required

To commemorate the SASHT quarter century the assistance of all SASHT members are dearly and urgently required regarding the following (in your region/town or even info that you may have that reflects international statistics re History teaching (secondary sources that you know of are equally welcome). Please communicate asap to the SASHT Executive.

10) General

The logistics of the heritage tour is discussed.

11) Closure

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