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South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences

On-line version ISSN 2222-3436
Print version ISSN 1015-8812

S. Afr. j. econ. manag. sci. vol.12 n.2 Pretoria Jul. 2009




Determining the negative effect on house values of proximity to a landfill site by means of an application of the hedonic pricing method



M du PreezI; T LotteringII

IDepartment of Economic History, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
IIAberdare Power Cables, Port Elizabeth




This study applied the hedonic pricing method to determine whether a disused, solid waste landfill site has an adverse effect on the prices of low-cost houses in New Brighton, a neighbourhood of the Nelson Mandela Metropole, Eastern Cape, South Africa. The results of the study show that the landfill site has a negative effect on New Brighton house prices. The average increase in house value is R36.00 per one hundred metres from the landfill site. This increase amounts to 0.44 percent of the value of a house per 100 metres from the landfill. When the change in value is summed for all the properties in the sample area (allowing for variation in value change due to differing distances from the landfill site) the total disamenity effect of the landfill site is approximately R1.4 million.




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