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South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences

On-line version ISSN 2222-3436
Print version ISSN 1015-8812

S. Afr. j. econ. manag. sci. vol.11 n.3 Pretoria Oct. 2008




Vertical mergers - The European guidelines on non-horizontal mergers and their relevance for South Africa1



Grant Saggers2

CRA International




There has been a long and heated debate in the world of antitrust about the likely effects of vertical integration on competition and welfare. The publication of the European Commission's Guidelines on the assessment of Non-horizontal mergers in November 2007 has again brought this debate into the spotlight. Competition authorities find themselves faced with the complex task of balancing the potential pro-competitive efficiencies of these mergers against the concerns that, in some circumstances, vertically-integrated firms could use their presence at multiple levels of the production chain to strategically soften competition. This paper outlines the current thinking on vertical mergers as presented in the Guidelines and examines, through an evaluation of a past Competition Tribunal decision, how the South African competition authorities have handled the complexities presented by vertical transactions.

JEL: G34, L41



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1 This paper was originally written for the First Annual Competition Commission, Tribunal and Institute Conference on Competition Law, Economics and Policy in SA at University of the Witwatersrand in June 2007. At that time the European Commission had published only a draft version of the Guidelines on non-horizontal concentrations for public discussion. The paper has since been updated to reflect the finalised Guidelines published in November 2007.
2 The author is sincerely grateful to Robert Stillman, Ragvir Sabharwal, Rameet Sangha, and Simon Roberts for their comments and advice. The author thanks also two anonymous referees for their recommendations.

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