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Verbum et Ecclesia

On-line version ISSN 2074-7705
Print version ISSN 1609-9982

Verbum Eccles. (Online) vol.30 n.2 Pretoria  2009 



Fundamentalism on stilts: A response to Alvin Plantinga's reformed epistemology



Jaco W. Gericke

School of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, North-West University (Vaal Triangle Campus), South Africa





During the greater part of the 20th century, biblical scholarship and the philosophy of religion were not considered to have much in common. However, towards the end of the millennium, a movement of a few Christian philosophers of religion called 'Reformed Epistemology' (RE) suggested the need for interdisciplinary dialogue. With Alvin Plantinga as primary representative, these philosophers claimed to be concerned with what they considered to be the lack of philosophical reflection on the foundations of historical criticism and its non-traditional findings. In this article, the author (qua biblical scholar) suggests that Plantinga's arguments have not been taken seriously because of his fundamentalism and the resulting failure to grasp the nature and contents of the hermeneutical debates that have raged within biblical theology for the past 200 years.

Keywords: philosophy of religion; biblical studies; reformed epistemology; Alvin Plantinga; fundamentalism



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Jaco Gericke
P.O. Box 1174
Vanderbijlpark, 1900
South Africa

Received: 02 Apr. 2009
Accepted: 04 Aug. 2009
Published: 30 Oct. 2009

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