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Health SA Gesondheid (Online)

On-line version ISSN 2071-9736
Print version ISSN 1025-9848

Health SA Gesondheid (Online) vol.16 n.1 Cape Town  2011




Experiences of being a therapy radiographer



Heather LawrenceI; Marie PoggenpoelII; Chris MyburghIII

IDepartment of Radiography, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
IIDepartment of Nursing Sciences, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
IIIEducational Psychology, University of Johannesburg, South Africa





The purpose of this research was to explore and describe how therapy radiographers experience their profession. A qualitative, exploratory, descriptive and contextual design was utilised. The purposive sample consisted of 14 therapy radiographers employed at an academic hospital in Gauteng, South Africa. Data were collected using focus group interviews until data saturation was achieved. An appreciative inquiry interview technique was utilised, and data analysis was conducted by open coding to identify themes. Themes that were identified were life-giving forces that promote personal and professional engagement resulting in a sense of purpose; professional stagnation; and facilitating change through harnessing positive energy and commitment for change.


Die hoofdoel van hierdie navorsing is om te verken en beskryf hoe radioterapeute hulle beroep beleef. 'n Kwalitatiewe, verkennende, beskrywende en kontekstuele navorsingsontwerp is gebruik. Die doelgerigte steekproef het bestaan uit 14 radioterapeute werksaam by 'n akademiese hospitaal in Gauteng, Suid Afrika. Data is met behulp van fokusgroep onderhoude ingesamel totdat dataversadiging bereik is. 'n 'Appreciative inquiry' onderhoudstegniek is gebruik met die stel van vrae, en data analise is met behulp van oop kodering gedoen om temas te identifiseer. Die temas wat geidentifiseer was is lewensgewende magte wat persoonlike en professionele betrokkenheid bevorder wat 'n singewing tot gevolg het; professionele stagnering; en fasilitering van verandering deur die gebruikmaking van positiewe energie en toewyding vir verandering.



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Heather Lawrence
PO Box 48061
Johannesburg 2129
South Africa

Received: 12 Apr. 2011
Accepted: 24 Aug. 2011
Published: 21 Nov. 2011

Creative Commons License All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License