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Old Testament Essays

On-line version ISSN 2312-3621
Print version ISSN 1010-9919

Old testam. essays vol.23 n.2 Pretoria  2010


The Arrangement of Psalms 3-81



Kevin G. Smith; William R. Domeris






An exhaustive analysis of Psalms 3-8 suggests that the editors of the Psalter juxtaposed psalms on the basis of link words. The headings and verbal links suggest that Psalms 3 and 7 belong together, as do Psalms 4-6. In this article, we propose that the editors formed this collection by inserting Psalms 4-6 between Psalms 3 and 7, which were neighbours in another collection. The strong verbal links between Psalms 3 and 4 provide the rationale for this merger. They then rounded off this miniature collection by joining Psalm 8 to Psalm 7, based on the hook word "name. "



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Kevin Smith
South African Theological Seminary
61 Wessels Road
Rivonia. 2128

Bill Domeris
South African Theological Seminary
61 Wessels Road
Rivonia. 2128



1 This article summarises the conclusions of Kevin G. Smith, "The redactional criteria and objectives underlying the arrangement of Psalms 3-8," (Ph.D. dissertation, South African Theological Seminary, 2008).

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