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Old Testament Essays

On-line version ISSN 2312-3621
Print version ISSN 1010-9919

Old testam. essays vol.22 n.2 Pretoria  2009


Creation, temple and magic. A magico-mythical reading of Genesis 1



Peet van Dyk






This is the second article in a series to investigate the interrelationship between myth, magic, ritual, and the sacred within the Old Testament. In this contribution the link between creation and temple, the emphasis on the order of creation and the concept of Imagio Dei are explained in terms of magical linkage. Gadamer's hermeneutics is used to explore the different horizons of reader and text and to illuminate the potential problems contemporary readers may have in recognising magical thinking within the Old Testament.



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Peet van Dyk
Department of Old Testament
Ancient Near Eastern Studies
P. O. Box 392, University of South Africa, 0003, UNISA

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