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Old Testament Essays

versión On-line ISSN 2312-3621
versión impresa ISSN 1010-9919

Old testam. essays vol.22 no.1 Pretoria  2009


What is an A philosophical analysis of the concept of generic Godhood in the Hebrew Bible



J. W. Gericke

North-West University, Vanderbijlpark





In the Hebrew Bible words like אֱלהִים אֵל and אלוה are often encountered in the generic sense as a classification of the type of entity יהוה and other related beings were assumed to be. But what, according to the Hebrew Bible, was meant by calling something an אֵל? Is it possible to define the phenomenon of generic אֵל-hood? What were assumed to be necessary and/or sufficient conditions for being classified as a member of the אֱלהִים? What criteria were used to determine whether an entity should be called an אֵל or not? In this paper the author provides an introduction to the concept of generic אֵל -hood in the Hebrew Bible with reference to perplexing questions involved in its understanding, related research and the gaps therein and the need for philosophical (conceptual) analysis in future inquiries.



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Jaco Gericke
Post-doctoral fellow, Faculty of Basic Sciences
Subject Group Theology
North-West University (Vaal Triangle Campus)
P.O. Box 1174, Vanderbijlpark, 1900

Creative Commons License Todo el contenido de esta revista, excepto dónde está identificado, está bajo una Licencia Creative Commons