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Old Testament Essays (New series) is a physical–intellectual space where researchers can publish their findings, share their scholarly views and develop as scholars. A space where the most refined work on the Hebrew OT in South Africa can be read. A space where different worlds and scholarly views can meet through intellectual engagement and the written word. A space where people can write and share in the fulfilment of a life devoted to OT scholarship. One of the aims of OTE, which is shared by all and pursued with great diligence, is intellectual and scholarly integrity. Therefore, hermeneutical reflection and critical investigation have always been an integral part of all our written endeavours. We reflect thoroughly on text, method, theology, history and the writing of history. We have always endeavoured to consider and rethink the finest traditions of OT scholarship in the context of our part of Africa and to formulate it in OTE.

OTE’s precursors were, firstly, the individual proceedings that the OTSSA published after its meetings from 1959–1986 and secondly, the journal simply called Old Testament Essays that was published by the Department of Old Testament at Unisa from 1983–1987. The OTSSA took ownership of the journal in 1988 with the title Old Testament Essays (New Series).

OTE focuses on the fields of Religion, Theology, Old Testament, Hebrew Bible, Apocryphal Books.

The journal is published 3 times per year in June, September and January the next year.

The key abbreviated title is Old. testam. essays..


Index sources

  • Old Testament Abstracts (Online)
  • Religious & Theological Abstracts, Inc.
  • Universitätsbibliothek Regensburg – Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek

Since 2002 OTE is made available via Sabinet Online

Previous issues of Old Testament essays (New Series) are available at the African Journal's Archive at The following can be viewed: OTSSA (papers of OTSSA meetings and published in books from 1957–1986), Old Testament Essays (1983–1987); Old Testament Essays (New Series) (1988–2001).



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