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Scope and Policy

Image & Text has been published annually since 1992 (primarily as a journal for design) and was accredited by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training in 1997. Since 2011, it has been repositioned as a multi- and interdisciplinary journal that orbits around the nexus of visual culture and appears twice annually.

The aim of the journal is to draw perspectives from a broad field of interests and subjects: visual anthropology, material culture, visual arts, design culture, visualising sciences and technologies, art history, philosophy, fashion, media and film studies, architecture, literary studies, tourism studies, new media and cyber theory, and so forth.

The grounding provided by visual culture studies as a comparative and enabling premise for all these approaches, subjects, interests, fields and theories is located in the global South, not only geographically but also critically.


Preparation of Manuscripts

Information on the instructions for authors and the types of articles received for publication, preparing a manuscript for submission to Image & Text  is placed on the website. We invite you to visit the journal at


Submission of Manuscripts

Authors should submit their manuscripts electronically, by attachment, to the editors at the following email address:

No article processing charges (APCs) are levied.


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